Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good News for Bangalore Book Club members: Few Good Books complimented By Indian Authors to Read

Dear Members,

We are Glad to inform you that, Mr.Satyabrata Biswas, an Indian author from Mumbai & Ms.Jaya, CEO of,
had contributed good books to be read by Bangalore Book Club Meetup Group. on behalf of authors have provided complimentary copies at an Bangalore Book Festival Event, are mentioned below:

1. He is 52 She is 25, Love Story of an Surgeon by Satyabrata Biswas

2. Permanent Ghosts by Nitin Shankar

3. Web on the Go by Balachandran

4. Mad House by Santwana Chatterjee

5. The Alpha and the Omega and other stories by U.A.Kiran

6. Best of by

Most of the Books are already picked by members to be read in last meetup happened yesterday !!

We are waiting for Good reviews on these Books and we will keep posting and updating to all our members.

Here is an message by Mr.Satyabrata Biswas:

What Author - satyabrata biswas wrote:
I have already donated / complimented one copy of my book (He
is 52 She is 25 Love Story of a Surgeon) to you during
"Bangalore Book Festivals" I also introduced your club to all
the authors where I am also a member. I have high-
lighted many burning issues of our country through this book. I
would like to know how my fellow members found it. Their
comments are important to me, to improve my writing style and
continue with my other Novels.

For Information I am going to release my 2nd Novel in January
2010 in Delhi. It has been written on a social issue.

Author - Satyabrata Biswas

It is an special request for members, to read the above books & encourage our Indian Authors to write more & more books & publish Books.

My Special thanks to Mr.Satyabrata Biwas & Ms.Jaya for taking an initiative and chosing our Bangalore Book Club to Read Books & Provided an opportunity to write first reviews on Exclusive Books written by Indian Authors.

Looking forward to all members participations in upcoming meetups !!

Have a Wonderful Day !!


Kushal Raj Jain

+91 9972 000018

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