Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introduction letter of Shri Satyabrata Biswas, An Indian Author

Hi Friends,

I am an Author – Journalist and Film maker. I write for Times of India, Mumbai as a freelancer. My recent English Novel,

[He is 52 She is 25 Love Story of Surgeon] have been published and released all over the country in June 2009.

Through love story I have highlighted the following issues.

1. Hindu – Muslim Riots & Relation

2. Marathi Vs Outsiders

3. Politician’s dirty politics

4. Mumbai Local Train Problem………and so on

Now I am going to release my second Novel in January 2010 in New Delhi. This Novel is also written on a social issue. If you are a book lover, you may go to my website and read the story which got wide media coverage, they appreciated me and my work, even “India Today” also took my interview.

Now I got two offers from Hindi Films Producers to write story for their forthcoming Films.

I have a registered Production house SB-Films Production currently making Short films” and “documentaries” again on social issues as I am a social worker, Vice President of Rotary Club 2009-2010.Very soon I am going to produce feature film.

Two publishers approached me to translate my Novel and publish the book in France & America.

Zoom TV also offered me to write script for them. That’s all about me.

I request you all to keep in touch with each other.


Shri.Satyabrata Biswas, M.Com (Mumbai), MBA (London)




NB: My books are there in "Pothi.Com Stall" in Bangalore Book Festivals, November 2009 .

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